What is “Authentic Kabbalah”

The authentic Kabbalah is based on the main writings of the masters as:

The Zohar – Rabbi Shim’hon Bar Yo’hai

Kitve HaAri – Ari Z’al

Most, if not all of the other recognized masters as R. Ashlag, Ramhal, Baal Shem Tov etc., have written or clarified ideas or concepts based mostly on these two works.

The authentic Kabbalah is based on the systems of Sephirot or Partsufim – configurations, it explains the guidance of the worlds, and all the interactions between the superior energies and man, as explained by the Ari Z’al.

It is not a 1 2 3 “feel good” type of knowledge that one can learn fast and free. It requires a serious investment of time and effort.

It is not for everybody, but only for those that yearn to serve their Creator with their maximum capabilities.