Shevirat Hakelim

At the creation, all the creative forces were invested in the configuration Adam Kadmon. They emerged in different emanations from the apertures in his face for the construction of the worlds.

The ten Sephirot that came out from his eyes were of the aspect of the name of BaN (52); they correspond to the feminine aspect – rigor, and are the root of deterioration. When they came out, the recipients of the first three Sephirot of Keter, ‘Hokhma and Binah received and contained their lights, because they were in the three-column arrangement

The seven lower recipients of the Sephirot were not in the three pillar arrangement needed for the direction of Kindness, rigor and mercy. The lights tried to enter in their respective recipients, but their force was overwhelming and, unable to hold their lights the recipients broke. The lights stayed in the world of Atsilut, their recipients fell to the lower worlds.

This caused an important damage called Shvirat HaKelim – the breaking of the vessels. The recipients of the seven Sephirot, which did not contain their lights, fell to the world of Beriah (creation). This imperfect arrangement is the first origin of damage and of the Sitra A’hra (negative side) – “evil”.

The three first Sephirot Keter, ‘Hokhma, and Binah did not completely contain their lights in their lower parts; they fell lower but did not break. These lower parts correspond to what is needed for the guidance of the seven lower Sephirot, if they had completely contained their lights, the seven Sephirot would not have broken, and the notions of Kilkul (damage) and Tikun (repair) would not exist. The roots of all the created are in the seven lower Sephirot (Za’T); the three first Sephirot are like a crown on the other seven to repair and direct them.

It is important to understand that all that happens in our world is similar to what occurred in this fall. If the recipients had contained their lights, the seven lower Sephirot would not have broken and the world would have been in a perfect state from the start.

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