Kav – Ray


This ray of His direct light called “Kav” emerged from Ein Sof (Infinite) and entered on one side of the vacant space, where there was still an imprint of the original light. The Kav, which represents the masculine and the imprint, the feminine, will now together give existence to the worlds and the various systems of Sephirot with which He will govern these worlds.

There are two main systems of guidance of the worlds: one is for the general guidance, in charge of the nature and normal events, and one for men, influenced by their acts and time.

After entering the vacant space, the Kav made ten circular Sephirot encircling one another – (encircling Sephirot) in charge of the general guidance of the worlds. Keeping his shape, he also made ten Sephirot in a linear arrangement – (straight Sephirot) in charge of the guidance of the world in the manner of ‘Hesed, Din and Ra’hamim (Kindness, rigor and mercy), which is the balanced guidance of this existence.

The Kav is the root of all the guidance and the innermost interiority of all this creation.