Kabbalah Concepts

The study of Kabbalah involves a good comprehension of its general idea, as well as its concepts.
You will find here most of the basic concepts as well as some more advanced ones, to get on the right path of truly understanding the Kabbalah as:

  • Tikun

    Tikun in the Kabbalah is a very important notion. It shows, in a way, that everything that was created with a possibility of deficiency also has a potential to be rectified more

  • Sephira

    The light of G-od is of a perfect unicity, without any variables or difference. Once this energy enters a particular Sephira, its outcome or effect is transformed into a particular force or attribute by which the Creator guides the world

  • Guidance

    At first, the Creator was alone, filling all space with His energy. He was not bestowing His influence because there was no one to receive it. When He willed to create, He started to influence

  • Torah and Mitsvot

    The Kabbalah is the mystical and esoteric explanation of the Torah. All the profound secrets explained in the Kabbalah, are alluded to in the letters, words and different stories narrated in the Torah

  • Prayer

    The order of the prayers is based on the systems of ascension of the worlds and union between the masculine and feminine configurations

  • Kavanah - Concentration

    To reach a more active role in the unification of the different configurations, one needs to understand and concentrate when praying. There are different levels of Kavanah – concentration

  • Gematria

    There are different systems of interpretation of the hidden meanings of the Torah. One of them is the Gematria, where the mathematical values of each letter or word are calculated

  • Negative force

    There is a “second” authority called Sitra A’hra – negative force or “evil”. It is the opposite of everything good and it is important to understand its aim and origin.

  • Tsimtsum

    In the beginning, there was no existence except His presence; the Creator was alone, occupying all space with His light. His light, without end, borders or limit, filled everything

  • Kav - Ray

    This ray of His direct light called “Kav” emerged from Ein Sof (Infinite) and entered on one side of the vacant space, where there was still an imprint of the original light. more…

  • Breaking of the Vessels

    If the recipients had contained their lights, the seven lower Sephirot would not have broken and the world would have been in a perfect state from the start. more…

  • Worlds

    There are four worlds. The first to unfold is called Atsilut, (emanation), The second is Beriah (creation), The third is Yetsirah (formation), The fourth world is ‘Asiah (action). more…

  • Partsuf - Configuration

    A Partsuf is a configuration of one or more Sephirot that act in coordination. The system of Partsufim is the essential understanding of the guidance

  • Souls

    The soul has five levels, their names are: Nefesh, Rua’h, Neshama, ‘Haya and Ye’hida. The soul is the spiritual entity inside the body, the latter being only its outer garment.

  • Reincarnation

    To ascend from its original level, a soul needs to reincarnate to do its Tikun. This Tikun of the soul is realized by the Gilgul (reincarnation) and/or by the ‘Ibur (attachment).