At first, the Creator was alone, filling all space with His energy. He was not bestowing His influence because there was no one to receive it. When He willed to create, He started to influence. Kabbalah is the only science that, in the least details, explains to us the true guidance of the world, so that we may understand His will.

The will of the Creator is to bestow goodness on His creatures; all the levels of creation and their guidance were put in place so His kindness could emanate to them, yet in such a way that they would be able to receive it.

The light of G-od is unique, of equal force, quality and beyond all description. The guidance of the world is manifested by different types of attributes such as rigor, mercy, etc. This unique light is therefore transformed or filtered by other lights, to give it various qualities or forces for a guidance based on the system of free choice, punishment, and reward.

These “transforming”, secondary lights are called Sephirot or Partsufim – configurations, and also attributes or qualities of G-od. A Sephira is, in a way, a “filter” that when the unique light enters it, transforms it into a particular force or quality by which the Creator guides the worlds.

The Kabbalah explains to us very precisely this true guidance, and how the worlds are guided by these extremely complex systems of forces or lights, which through their interactions provoke chain reactions that impact directly upon man and the worlds. Each one of these reactions has numerous ramifications with many details and results.

This complex system of forces or lights are the different Tikunim (actions) and Zivugim (unions) of the Sephirot and configurations to influence and make the guidance by means of their different arrangements and amalgamations.

There are two main kinds of guidance:
– The general guidance, which is for the subsistence of the worlds, and is not influenced by the actions of men.

This guidance is by means of the encircling Sephirot.

– The variable guidance, which is on the basis of justice, reward and punishment and is dependant on time and on the actions of man.

This guidance is by the linear Sephirot that are arranged in three columns: right, left and middle, representing the guidance of the world in the manner of kindness, rigor and mercy.

The guidance is mostly influenced by the different positioning and interactions of the masculine and feminine configurations, since they have a direct effect on the measure and balance of the factors of kindness, rigor and mercy.

The masculine configurations bestow kindness, the feminine bestow rigor. By their union, different equilibriums of the two forces of kindness and rigor make the guidance. Complete rigor will be the destruction of anything not perfect, while complete kindness will permit everything without restriction. However, these two aspects are necessary for the guidance based on justice, and for giving man the possibility of free choice.

The guidance is manifested by three main attributes:
· the attribute of kindness – right pillar
· the attribute of rigor – left pillar
· the attribute of mercy – middle pillar